Aircraft Trading

Buying and selling an aircraft is a complicated process. As experts in the aircraft resale market, we give our clients a distinct advantage to find the right plane at the right price. As experts we help our clients buy and sell meet only the most stringent safety standards. We work closely with airline operators, manufactures and financial institutions around the globe.

Our experienced sales team can help you with:

  • Aircraft Acquisitions
  • Aircraft Brokerage
  • Pre-buy Management and Evaluation
  • Contract Negotiations

We specialize in the selection, evaluation, valuation, negotiation and management of commercial and business aircrafts. Whether you are a first-time aircraft owner, avid aircraft owner, or need aircraft management we can help.

Aircraft Available

Embraer 190

E190 YOM 2009. AC is grounded in owner facility with overdue in C-check but still airworthy condition and can perform the ferry flight to the final destination.

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